Dear parents,

I have already informed you that we will start launching the planned collapsed days online this week:

  • Grade 3 had Science Day: Weather, yesterday,
  • Grade 4 will have Science Day: Challenge of Inquiry,  today
  • Grade 2 will have Science Day: Well Being, on Thursday, 2 April
  • All MYP classes will have Cultural Day: Ballet, on Thursday, 2 April
  • Grade 5 will have Science day: Krapina – Neandertals, on Friday, 3 April
  • Grade 1 will have Cultural Day: Books, on Monday, 6 April

The students will not have any other lessons according to their timetables on these days.

The PYP students will receive e-mails with instructions from their homeroom teachers and the MYP students will find the instructions on the OneNote platform in their class notebooks, under the Collapsed days section.

Some students still do not do their work on a regular basis. I would like to ask their parents to make sure they organise their day and work so as to complete the tasks and honour the deadlines. Keeping a learning log, recording time and achievements may support their learning process.

It would be a good idea to start an individual or a family journal/diary/photo album for the days in isolation and to record this unusual situation. Take time to document the events, feelings, issues, in different ways to recollect this part of history, later in life.

Take care,

Irena Steblaj