Dear parents,

Our school has decided not to charge any tuition fees for the Kindergarten and Afternoon Programme from 16 March until we open our school again, however, we will continue offering the online programme for both, the Kindergarten and the AP programmes.

I would like to thank many parents for their suggestions and ideas on how to improve the online learning process. To make our programme easier, more interesting and various, collapsed days online will be introduced, offering less streamlined and demanding activities. Some video conferences have already been held. We are also organising extra support for students who have organisational problems, or cannot cope with the academic part of the curriculum.

Although no news is better than bad news, I would like to remind you that you must inform us if you become infected by highly transmissible and dangerous illnesses, as we have an obligation to inform our school community about this.

Fortunately, I have not received any information about anybody from our whole school community becoming infected and ill. I hope it stays this way!

Some ideas for creative non-screen activities with your children:

  • Start a nature journal
  • Make a pretend cooking show
  • Create natural paints from spices or mud and create art masterpieces with them
  • Look through old family photos and share stories about them
  • Make homemade cards
  • Go on a (insect, toy, object) hunt
  • Make playdough (add spices for colour and smell)
  • Draw an outline of each family member and decorate them.
  • Build a fairy garden, a farm, a zoo with recycled and natural materials and toys
  • Build a doll’s house from recycled boxes

I wish you a safe and pleasant day!

Kind regards,

Irena Steblaj