Dear parents,

We are staring the second week of online learning. First of all, I would like to commend our students. All our initial expectations were exceeded. Our students did really well during the first, very challenging week, of online learning. The reports from our teachers and the students’ work displays their effort, dedication and responsibility. Observation of the students’ work shows a lot of knowledge/understanding and elevated thinking skills. Their creativity has no limits.
I am very grateful, too, that there have not been any reports of anybody being infected up until now.
We do not know how long this situation will last. We cannot control it, we cannot control what others do or think about it. But we can contribute and have a positive influence by following all preventive measures and being disciplined and responsible, with our optimistic attitude, kindness and support for one another.
The list below may help your child organise their learning more effectively.

A check list for more effective learning: 
  • I have a designated  earning space in my house.
  • I read instructions carefully and seek help and support if needed.
  • I read the feedback I get from teachers and take the appropriate action.
  • I demonstrate ethical behaviour and practice.
  • I regularly start working on time, work persistently and finish my schoolwork by the deadline/s.
  • I look after my health (exercise, sleep enough, have a healthy diet, relax) and the health of people around me – I do not contribute to stressful atmosphere with my behaviour. 
Stay at home. If not necessary, avoid going to places where there are other people. Protect the health of your family.

Best wishes,

Irena Steblaj