Dear parents,

On Monday we will contact you about, and start, with online learning. You or your children (according to their age) will get links to platforms and/or e-mails you will be able to communicate with.
Students will be given different learning tasks on a regular basis – everyday, according to their regular timetable.
All their work will be monitored and considered equal to their work at regular lessons.
Students should be responsible and do their work regularly.
The online learning students will do at home will be recognised in the same way as their presence and learning in school.
Those who do not finish the assignments will have to do extra lessons when regular lessons start again.
I would like to ask you to inform us if anybody from your family tests positive for coronavirus.
As yet, we have not had any reported cases in our school community. However, It is important that you follow all preventive measures at home, too.
We will keep you informed about all the latest developments.
I am very happy to report that our students have been very affectionate and supportive in the last few days, I also have to commend our dedicated teachers, who have been, and continue to be, very helpful and caring.
Kind regards,
Irena Steblaj