Traditional Slovenian Breakfast

For the seventh year in a row, the students of our school celebrated the traditional Slovenian breakfast day. PYP students began their day by eating apples and brown bread with butter and honey. The beverage of the day was milk. After, discussions and activities about traditional Slovenian food were prepared by the teachers. Students who attend the cooking club prepared a Slovenian traditional desert from local farmers’ ingredients. PYP students were invited to try the delicious meal and praised the young cooks whose mentors were Ms Katarina Čepič and Ms Tanja Fajmut.
Aja Komel

Slovenian Food Day

The day of Slovene food was celebrated by the cooking club with a giant Keiserschmarn feast. All the food came from local and natural ingredients, the students also promoted the Project Kuhnapato which aims at including students in the preparation of meals.
Katarina Čepič