Absent Teachers

  • Ms Marija Brenčič
  • Ms Katja Gomboc
  • Ms Andreja Mandeljc
  • Ms Kaja Ričnik
  • Ms Daniela Vlačić
  • Ms Nataša Zupanc

5M Field Trip Kavka – Day 1

We arrived in Kavka and we got a lot of warm feelings. The rooms are big and comfortable. The food is also good and tasty. We did not forget about our PYP Exhibition work. We were doing archery and most of us were confident at it. We are looking forward for more fun activities during this week.
5M students.

Erasmus Austria Trip

Danila Kumar students have safely arrived in Austria for their visit. The first day was quite eventful as we had a guided tour of Velden, ice-cream, and presentations of our work in the school. Looking forward to tomorrow’s field trip.
Nataša Zupanc & Daniela Vlačić

Moro Foundation Contest Winners

“No Bees, No Life.”
We are proud to present the winners of the Moro Foundation Contest that took place on April 24th in our school. Once again, we gratefully thank the Moro Foundation for making our event possible. Many students from both departments decided to share their creativity with us, which later made it hard for us to choose the winners among these great products. In different age groups, the students created poems in connection to our most important animal species, bees.
The winners are:
1st and 2nd grade – Picture Poem:
Nike Seliškar, 1.d
3rd and 4th grade – Acrostic Poem:
Eva Peterlin, 3.d
Catarina Isabel Fernandes Moras, 4m
5th and 6th grade – Haiku:
Lana Čubrilović, 5.b
Henri Stoven, 5m
7th and 8th grade – Poem of Choice:
Yang Yichen, 8m
The poems that inspired and enchanted us will be displayed in our school lobby (Building II) and will later come to life at our annual International Day in Šobec – June 9th, where students will recite them. Hope to see you there!

Leopoldina Poli Hočevar Eve, Tina Frelih, Tjaša Fritsch Križaj

4M Cycling Sports Day

4th grade students had a cycling day. The policewoman checked their bikes and they went through the obstacle course that required great biking skills. All students were successful.
Denis Divjak