On Wednesday, 22nd May, some students took part in the cooking competition, Zlata Kuhalnica, which was organised by the Ljubljana High School of tourism. They prepared fried chicken, roast potatoes and pancakes au gratin. It was challenging, but they enjoyed it and the taste of the food was delicious.
Ms Katarina

3M Science Day – The Brain

On Tuesday, 22nd May, we had a science day. We were talking about the 5 senses: touch, smell, taste, sight and hearing. We worked in groups and went to different stations where we did various experiments, including putting a blindfold on and doing a taste test with different types of fruit, and a hearing test with different musical instruments. We were also talking about how sense limitations can affect people’s lives.
3M Pupils: LIA & DIANA

Absent Teachers

  • Ms Marija Brenčič
  • Ms Katja Gomboc
  • Ms Andreja Mandeljc
  • Ms Kaja Ričnik
  • Ms Daniela Vlačić
  • Ms Nataša Zupanc

5M Field Trip Kavka – Day 2

In the morning we had exercise, it was fun.We had chocolate spread for breakfast and it was so good. Some of us, after breakfast, went to play table tennis. Then we worked on the PYP exhibition. We went out at around 16:00 and built some tepees, tents and shelters. We also learnt a lot about different survival techniques. We discussed about having a movie night and our teachers surprised us with a movie. We were so happy. Around 22:00 we went to bed and sleep because we were so tired.
5M Students

Erasmus Austria Trip – Day 2

Today, we spent the day in an Adventure park where students tried their courage on the high ropes in the forest. On the pictures are our boys. They were very brave and skillful when climbing, taking the most difficult paths. After lunch, we took a boat ride on the Ossiacher See. We had a fun filled day.
Nataša Zupanc & Daniela Vlačić