5M Field Trip Kavka – Day 4

Today was a very good day. We had a good breakfast, lunch and dinner. In the morning we were working on the PYP exhibition and we had a big break in between. Later, we went outside to play in the playground and in the end we were looking for a lost ball. Then it started to rain. We went inside and drew pictures for souvenirs of us. After, in the evening we phoned our parents. Later, before going to sleep we were dancing and having fun playing UNO and board games.
5M Students

5M Field Trip Kavka – Day 3

Today we woke up and got dressed. We ate breakfast and played a lot of table tennis. After that we went for a hike, we went to an outdoor museum that was on a hill called “Nagnoj”. We also past the border into Italy and stayed there to eat snack. We learnt some facts about World War I and we saw different animals. Then we came back and ate lunch. We went upstairs to have fun. Then we came down to do our PYP exhibition. After we had dinner and it was tasty. Later we had some free time and we had some games. Finally we had a super disco, after we went to shower and went to talk with friends. At the end we went to sleep!
5M Students

Erasmus Austria Trip – Day 3

We spent the day at Cap Woerth facilities by the lake. The focus was research on the causes and solutions to reduce the impact of climate change on the environment. Part of our day was spent debating about the human impact on the environment and we also set aside some time for sports activities. It’s been a busy day.
Nataša Zupanc & Daniela Vlačić