3, 4 & 5M Cultural Day – A Performance of King Matjaž

On Wednesday, March 13th, students from 3M, 4M and 5M had a Cultural day. We took a bus to the city centre and walked to Cankarjev dom. There we saw the narrative and musical performance Kralj Matjaž by Anja Štefan, a Slovenian writer, and Boštjan and Janez, professional musicians. By narrating legends and with a dramatic musical background, the performers magically took students into the world of a Slovenian hero who is now sleeping under the Peca mountain in the Koroška region.
Aja Komel

Shrove Tuesday

The teachers of the afternoon programme organised a small festive lesson on Shrove Tuesday for students in the afternoon programme. Students brought and wore interesting masks and presented themselves. The pupils were very mindful and listened to each other during the presentations. After, they enjoyed the remaining time dancing and having fun with fellow masks and teachers and munched on delicious “flancati”. Based on their facial expressions, they had a lot of fun!
Oliver Frlič