8M & 8I – Pygmalion

On Tuesday, 18th December, Year 8 students from the International department and year 8 & 9 students from the national department descended on the Španski Borci theartre to watch a production of the acclaimed play, Pygmalion by George Bernard Shaw. The students were introduced to a play which demonstrates how speech and etiquette preserve the English class system and how everyone deserves to be treated equally regardless of their social backgrounds. The play is a comedy and produced much laughter from the audience. Upon returning to school, the students addressed the themes, plot and many other elements of the play, and demonstrated their thorough understanding.

PYP Mini Planica

On Monday, 17th December, the PYP were treated to an introduction to ski jumping with a morning devoted to Mini Planica, named after the world famous ski jump in Slovenia. The jump was suitable for all ages and abilities, so everyone had fun, despite a few bumps and falls. Many students also improved in technique and confidence. All in all the morning was a good opportunity to experience ski jumping.

4M Cultural Day

On Friday, December 14th, 4M students got to know the Japanese folktale, Urashima Taro. After listening to the narration, students focused on their senses. After examining different kinds of food, beverages or just simple objects, they implemented their knowledge in the differentiated activities about the story.
Ms. Aja