On Saturday, 24th November, our school traditionally organised the charity fair ‘Let’s Help our Schoolmates’. The event began with the opening of the bazaar and with the performance of the school choir. The students were selling products they made, including: holiday greetings’ cards, handicrafts, decorations, jewelry, birds seed feeders, fragrance bags, pastries and cookies. They enjoyed buying and selling their products at the fair, through which they learned about responsibility. They could also participate in other events such as art workshops, face painting, karaoke, the photo booth and raffle. Parents were able to participate in the auction, enjoy the tasty goulash, and observe their children’s hard work. They say that the event is also great for socialising. Our head cleaning lady Ms Ranka also participated by taking four afternoons to bake 15 kilograms of cookies according to her own recipes. She has to bake more every year, since they always sell out. However, she enjoys baking for charity or giving them away as gifts.
This year’s students, their families, teachers and other workers from the school really outdid themselves since we were able to raise around 7000 €, the highest amount so far. The money raised will go to the Danila Kumar School Fund, which finances various extra activities for underprivileged children.
Tina Frelih and Katarina Lovenjak