The Social Event

On Saturday 22nd September, The social Event at Danila Kumar International School took place. Irena Šteblaj, the headmistress, opened the occasion with a short address, followed by dancing and singing from the PYP. Continuing afterwards in the small gym was Karaoke and dancing for all who were interested, while in the dome sports activities were taking place, and, in addition Mr Klemen was organising a basketball game outside. Meanwhile in the dining room students were having fun doing art activities, while the parents had a chance to meet and chat over a cake and coffee. In the library students and parents had a chance to unwind and read a book together.
Ben Magnay

Notification for Parents!

Because of the large amount of lost and found objects, they will be kept at reception for 30 days, then they will be stored and can be inspected every Thursday between 17.00 – 18.00 (only by arranged appointment)!
Thank you for your understanding.

European Mobility Week

At Danila Kumar International School, the week of 16th to 22nd September was dedicated to mobility, moving, sports and the promotion of sustainable means of transport.
The PYP & MYP students had plenary sessions with the dancers of Kazina who taught them the Mamma Mia dance, which was performed in the streets by many Slovenian students. They also had singing and dancing lessons, sports day and on Saturday 22nd, during the Social Event, there were lots of sports games, line dancing and singing. We will keep on dancing and moving throughout the year!
Katarina Čepič