Each year the MORO foundation organizes a contest in which students can use their creativity  to create a product in connection with a certain topic. This year the topic was healthy lifestyle  and the key word was balance. The students from 1-8 m competed in the following categories:

1M and 2M – cartoon or a picture book about healthy lifestyle do’s and don’ts

3M and 4M – a poem or creative story about the effects of healthy eating and sleeping habits

5M and 6M – infographic about healthy lifestyle

7M and 8M – drama script – skit-  about a positive mind-set


Some of the products received were of really good quality and, thus, we have chosen the following winners:

  • 3m – Yury Chumakov (story)
  • 4m – Tuana Kiliçaslan (story)
  • 7i – Yang Yichen (skit)
  • 6m – Levente Pártos (infographic) – award for participation

We congratulate all participants who took part!

Katarina Čepič, Tea Jelnikar, Poli Hočevar