On 16th of November French learners  were visited by a drama pedagogue Maša Jazbec who narrated French stories through movement, puppets and drama. The workshop convinced us that with imagination there is always a way to understand each other. Thank you L’institute Francais for making  this event possible!


Traditional Slovenian Breakfast

On Friday 17th November, the students celebrated Slovenian Food Day with a traditional Slovenian Breakfast. The main goal of the project, is to educate, inform and raise the awareness of the youngest children and children of school age, and to some extent also the general public, on the importance of breakfast for our eating habits, on the importance and advantages of locally produced food, and on the importance of agriculture and beekeeping.

The New Year charity fair

We invite you to this New Year’s HELP OUR SCHOOLMATES charity fair on Thursday, 23 November 2017, at Danila Kumar Elementary School.

The event will begin at 5 pm in the dome over the sports field with the fair (till 7 pm). There will also be an auction of sports equipment at 5.30 pm and a cultural programme at 6 pm.

We warmly welcome you to join our joyful occasion!

The School Council

WSC – Competition Time

On Friday
 we spent our first day in New Haven. We used our time for studying and our final preparations for the Tournament of Champions. As the hotel rooms are not as big as our classrooms, we practiced for our debates in the gym.

On Saturday, we went to Yale University for the opening ceremony and later on spent our afternoon walking around the campus for the Scholar’s scavenge. Even though it was really cold, we had a great time and met many new people.

Sunday was the longest day for all of us. We started off with the Scholar’s Challenge, continued with Team debates and ended with Collaborative Writing. To finish off the day properly, some students decided to dance the night away at the Scholar’s ball.

MYP Science Day – Primorska

On Friday, 10 November, the MYP students  visited the Port of Koper, where they found out about life in the busiest city in Slovenia, and Sečovlje Salina Nature Park where they discovered the hard work of the ancient method of salt-making. It was a lovely sunny day combining the past and the present of the Primorska region. (more…)