PYP – Museum of Illusions

On the 17th and 18th October, the PYP took the bus to Kongresni trg, to visit the Museum of Illusions. The students gave their brains a workout in the smart playroom, with dilemma games, wooden puzzles and games that test cognitive abilities. The ames room provided the illusion of big and small. While the Vortex tunnel gave a distinctly dizzying experience. The students were enthralled.

Weekend Music Camp, Radenci

On 13th October the choir, vocal and drums groups arrived in Radenci for their music camp. After getting settled in they had dinner, some free time and played cricket and basketball outside before going to bed.

The next day, after breakfast they had a music workshop where they started working on a composition. Then they set out in kayaks on the glorious river Kolpa, which, in large part, provides the border between Slovenia and Croatia. In the afternoon after lunch the students tried their arm at archery, with many of them proving to be quite a good shot with the bow and arrow. Another music workshop followed, then a hearty walk down the Kolpa ensued. After dinner, the students had the choice of either, watching a film on the big screen, or the disco.

After breakfast on the final day, the students had their last music workshop, in which they performed and recorded the composition they worked on. Then they went hiking to the top of a cliff overlooking the Kolpa, with spectacular views. After a well earned lunch, they prepared their things for the journey home. They all had a wonderful time.


8M Scince Day – Tivoli Park

On Thursday, October 12, it was time for a collapsed day for students of 8m. They visited the “Jesenkova pot” (Path of Jesenko) in Tivoli park. Their task was to research different trees and plants. They had to find samples of leaves and make recognisable sketches of trees in their natural habitat. They got to know the trees’ names in English, Slovenian and Latin. The weather was great and the group was really hard working.


Science day 5M – The Solar System

Grade 5 students had a science day on Tuesday, October 10. Students had workshops organised in school as part of their work in the current Unit of Inquiry. They had to find out what a scale is and how to use it. They had to convert the radius of all planets from kilometres into centimetres, according to different scales. Later on they had to decide which scale was the best to make their own planets, then they cut them out (using their scale) and put them in order from the Sun. The biggest challenge was how to draw big planets and where to get a big poster, but they soon found out that they could use the big teacher’s compass and put paper together. They also prepared the exhibition hallway, where they put planets in order. (more…)

4M Field Trip

On Tuesday
10th of October, Grade 4 visited the Arboretum Volčji Potok. We had fun exploring the gardens, looking and feeling different types of trees and learning about why they are important. We started creating our own Herbarium by collecting leaves from the trees and writing about them. Over the coming weeks, we will dry and press our leaves to complete it. There were also interesting sculptures of giant dinosaurs and whales spread across the park. We got to read some fascinating information about these creatures.