Dear students and parents,

In October, we started with an extra-curricular activity –  lessons for the World Scholar’s Cup Regional Round, which will be once again hosted by our school on January 28th, 2017. The World Scholar’s Cup takes place annually in the form of regional and global rounds hosted by schools from different countries. Each year, its participants tackle six subjects collected under an umbrella theme.

This year’s theme is An Unlikely World and the subjects are: Art and Music, Science, History, Literature, Social Studies and a Special Area. During this extracurricular activity, students get to practice writing argumentative essays at a high level; they learn how to search for and use resources wisely and verify their validity; speaking skills are enhanced by practising debating about serious and less serious issues; students are encouraged to take an interest in themes they might not otherwise encounter in their leisure time or at school; they are exposed to the challenges and responsibilities of working with others; etc. These lessons are an excellent opportunity for young scholars to practice their speaking and writing skills, expand their horizons on a number of important global issues and to have fun doing it, but also to enjoy the qualities of academic endeavour together – as a team! This year, over 30 students from our school will take part in the World Scholar’s Cup Regional round. We wish them all the best!wsc ljubljanaIMPORTANT: Due to the MYP cultural day on Friday, 13th January, the World Scholar’s Cup extracurricular activity will be held in the morning (8.20 – 10.20 in classroom 370) on that day.